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Die digitale Gesellschaft - Hart umkämpft auch im Iran

Beitragvon King Kong 2006 » Sa 9. Sep 2017, 13:03

Im Iran gärt es unter den Anwendern. Gerade unter den Jüngeren, von denen es sehr viele im Iran gibt. Einige Apps gibts nicht mehr. Dazu später.

Digitale Medien sind im Iran beliebt und werden im großen Rahmen genutzt.

Communications in Iran

Iran has a population of 80 million with some 56% of Iranians under the age of 25.

In 2012, there were 43 million internet users in Iran, making the country first in the Middle East in terms of number.[6][7][8]

Iran is among the first five countries which have had a growth rate of over 20 percent and the highest level of development in telecommunication.[9] Iran has been awarded the UNESCO special certificate for providing telecommunication services to rural areas. By the end of 2009, Iran's telecom market was the fourth-largest market in the region at $9.2 billion and is expected to grow to $12.9 billion by 2014 at a CAGR of 6.9 percent.[10]

According to the Electronic Journal on Information Systems in Developing Countries (EJISDC), the information and communications technology (ICT) sector had a 1.1-1.3% share of GDP in 2002. About 150,000 people are employed in the ICT sector, including around 20,000 in the software industry.[11] There were 1,200 registered information technology (IT) companies in 2002, 200 of which were involved in software development. Software exports stood around $50 million in 2008.[12]

About 150,000 people are employed in the ICT sector, including around 20,000 in the software industry.

Die Sanktionen behindern den Iran, wie auch die eigene Zensur, allerdings wiederum eröffnet dies Möglichkeiten für iranische Startups nicht gleich geschluckt oder verdrängt zu werden.

Iran is an innovative country with a population of approximately 80 million and 120% mobile penetration. Since 2012, Iran’s startup ecosystem has flourished. According to the Wall Street Journal, sanctions are also helping spur entrepreneurship in Iran.

Since 2015, many foreign companies are beginning to explore ways to start technology companies in Iran (such as Germany's Rocket Internet) or allow their services to become available in the country (such as United States' Google).[28][104][121][122][123] For example, Iran Internet Group, a joint venture between South African telecom company MTN and Rocket Internet has been launching Iranian versions of eBay (Mozando), Amazon (Bamilo), and Uber (Snapp/Taxi Yaab).[107][116][clarification needed] Many returning Iranian citizens abroad are also participating in this trend (Iranian Americans in particular).

Aufgrund der US-Sanktionen hat Apple und Google einiges aus ihren Stores genommen. Und Uber ist wohl weg.

Iranians outraged over removal of apps from Google Play store

Comprehensive sanctions prevent Iranians from ordering cabs and food on their phones.

Google Play on Friday removed Iranian apps from its store in compliance with 22-year old U.S. sanctions against Iran.

In this case, Google was providing Iranians with a service by hosting the apps. That put Google — along with Apple, which removed Iranian apps from its store in August — in violation of the sanctions.

In 2014 President Barack Obama’s administration issued a new license allowing companies such as Apple and Google to open their apps stores to Iranians. The idea was to “win over young Iranians by giving them access to app stores, or Macbooks or tablets,” said Cullis. But that license did not cover hosting apps developed by Iranians.

“You read Iranian Twitter today and everyone is just inflamed…it’s made them angrier than ever…it really antagonizes Iranian youth,” said Cullis.

Google Play opened access to Iranian consumers in 2013. Around 50 percent of the country of 80 million people are 30 or younger. There are roughly 48 million smartphone users there, making it a lucrative market.

Despite recertifying the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, Trump signed a new round of sanctions against Iran in July, targeting the country’s ballistic missile program.

The nuclear deal saw Iran curbing its nuclear program in exchange for some sanctions against it being relaxed. Despite assurances from the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency (IAEA) that Iran is in full compliance with the terms of the deal, the Trump administration has been looking for ways to break or renegotiate the deal.

“The irony is that you have all these young Iranian entrepreneurs that are really skirting government controls, operating outside bounds, developing apps, letting other young Iranians have access to those apps, and now because the U.S. embargoes are as they are, they have to shut that all down,” said Cullis.

Apple removed Iranian apps from its store in late August and was criticized by Iranian officials for removing the apps without any prior warning. The decision also prompted outrage among the country’s estimated 47 million social media users, who responded with petitions and a #stopremovingiranianapps hashtag on Twitter.

Iran’s telecommunications minister Mohammad Javad Azari-Jahromi responded by saying that Apple should “respect the rights” of Iranian consumers. There were reports that authorities were considering suing Apple for the move. ... ba4b1649d/

Solche Klagen können teuer werden. Jüngst haben die USA tatsächlich weitere 1.5 Milliarden Dollar an den Iran zurückgezahlt. Offene Rechnungen aus alten Waffendeals.

Für viele IranerInnen ist das Internet und die digitale Mobilität nicht mehr wegzudenken, wie hier für viele in Deutschland. Gerade für die sogenannten sozialen Netzwerke gibt es viele Interessenten im Iran. Auch als Möglichkeit damit die Kommunikation über dir iranischen Grenzen hinweg zu betreiben und zu halten.

Natürlich gibt es auch Chancen in der Krise. Wie es immer so schön heißt. Iranische Alternativen. Sind die bei Waffensysteme im Vergleich zu den USA zweite Wahl, muß es das nicht für Software bedeuten.

Marketplace Middle East

The ride-hailing app that rules Tehran's busy streets

Tehran's busy streets have five times as many taxis as New York, offering huge potential for a ride-hailing app.

And with Uber locked out of the Iran for the foreseeable future due to U.S. sanctions, startup Snapp is seizing its chance to become the leading local player.
"The Iranian Uber" launched in 2014. Its current CEO, Shahram Shahkar, joined early last year.

Snapp is available on iOS and Android and also has an Apple Watch version. The app promises to find its users a ride in less than five minutes.

Der hungrige Markt allerdings hat schon unter iranischen Anbieter einen Wettkampf.

He may not have long to wait. Snapp is already available in four cities and will "soon be covering all the major cities of Iran," Shakhar said.

Snapp claims to have 80% of the market but doesn't have Iran's streets entirely to itself. Other local apps such as Tap30 and Carpino are vying for a share. ... index.html

Interessant im Rahmen der Sanktionen hier im Kontext des IT-Sektors sind die Iranian-Americans. Viele wollen von den USA aus im Iran business machen.

Why the rise of Iranian-Americans in tech is no surprise

Longtime Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has put Iranians and Iranian-Americans in the spotlight. In part, that’s because the 48-year-old, just elected to become Uber’s new CEO, fled Iran with his family at age 9 to escape the Iranian Revolution. In part, his ties to other people of Iranian descent in the U.S. tech world are, well, extensive.

“Math and science are so rooted in Iranian culture,” says Nozad, who today co-manages the venture firm Pear, which he co-founded roughly four years ago with friend and fellow investor Mar Hershenson.

Nozad points to Maryam Mirzakhani, the first woman and first Iranian to win the Fields Medal, often described as the rough equivalent of a Nobel Prize for mathematicians. (Sadly, Mirzakhani, who was most recently a professor at Stanford, passed away last month at age 40, a victim of aggressive breast cancer.)

Nozad also evokes Sharif University of Technology in Iran, which has produced large numbers of PhD students for Stanford, as Newsweek once noted. In fact, the report praised Sharif as having “one of the best undergraduate electrical-engineering programs in the world.” ... -surprise/
Wenn man zuviel weiß, wird es immer schwieriger, einfache Entscheidungen zu treffen.
Wissen stellt eine Barriere dar, die einen daran hindert, etwas in Erfahrung zu bringen.
- Frank Herbert, Die Kinder des Wüstenplaneten
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Aufrüstung und Ausbau

Beitragvon King Kong 2006 » Fr 22. Sep 2017, 23:22

Aufrüstung bekanntgegeben.

Iranischer Präsident Rohani kündigt Aufrüstung an

Ansprache bei Armeeparade: Militär und Raketenprogramm werden ausgebaut Teheran

Wenige Tage nach den Verbalattacken von US-Präsident Donald Trump gegen sein Land hat Irans Präsident Hassan Rohani den Ausbau der Streitkräfte angekündigt.

Im Bereich der erneuerbaren Energien wird im Sektor Solarenergie ausgebaut.

Foreign Investors Offer $3.6B To Develop Iran Renewables

Foreign investors have filed proposals for a combined US$3.6 billion to develop renewable energy projects in oil and gas rich Iran, which has set an ambitious target to add 5 GW of renewable power generation capacity by 2022, Iran’s Financial Tribune reports, quoting a senior energy official. ... ables.html

UK fund to build one of world’s biggest solar farms in Iran

A UK investment fund is set to build one of the world’s largest solar power projects in the world in Iran by the end of the decade.

The deal between Quercus and Iran’s Ministry of Energy is worth over €500m (£440m) and will bring forward a giant 600MW solar project within the next three years by building a 100MW standalone installation every six months. ... arms-iran/
Wenn man zuviel weiß, wird es immer schwieriger, einfache Entscheidungen zu treffen.
Wissen stellt eine Barriere dar, die einen daran hindert, etwas in Erfahrung zu bringen.
- Frank Herbert, Die Kinder des Wüstenplaneten

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